Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education and Learning Outcome


  • Kamal Bhattacharyya Professor, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science Motherhood University, Roorkee, Haridwar (U.K.)


Artificial Intelligence, Science, Law, Medicine, ChatGpt, Open AI, education


Artificial Intelligence is taking gradually but steadily over almost everything. The results and impact
are now tremendous as people are excited. The consequences are considered on the basis of quick and
readiness bereft its quality and justification. Science, Law, Medicine almost all subjects are being
covered by AI. People are quickly learning to use them, as well as being indolent. Education as a
whole is the biggest range of subjects that is now under the purview of AI. ChatGpt Open AI is now
used rampantly by everybody from students, teachers to content creators. Modernization in
education is always good for the posterity. It makes the learning outcome cognizable among the
learners. To quote the Grail Knight from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the he said,
“You must choose, but choose wisely as the true grain will bring you life, false grail will take from
you.” Artificial Intelligence may that grail and we must choose wisely for the benefit of the entire
learner community and generations to come, as the true approach and method will bring life to
education, wrong will take it from it.

DOI : 10.5281/zenodo.8151576,

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