Microfinance an Opportunity through SHG’s Economic Status - An Impact study


  • Roshni Rawat Assistant Professor, Govt. P.G College, Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand)


Microfinance, SHG’s, Members, Impact and Income


Microfinance can be termed as small scale provision of financial services like credit, savings,
insurance, money transfer and counselling to people who are unable to obtain these services from the
formal financial institutions. There is one of the major tool used for microfinance is Shelf help groups
(SHG’s). SHG is the small autonomous groups of people living in the vicinity who voluntary associate
themselves for common concern, mainly to eradicate poverty. It is a group of approximate 10-20
members who need not necessarily be registered. All the members agree for common savings,
generate a common fund and utilises the same for their credit need through a management. This
study is mainly an impact in which I had find out the impact on income level of beneficiaries by this
scheme of SHG. The data has been collected through primary sources for analysis purpose and
secondary data also used for its introduction and for the review of literature related to this paper. The
data of income related factors has been divided between before and after the scheme of SHG’s and
this data is analysed by using Paired-T test. The result found through analyses showing positive
impact on the income of members of SHG’s.

DOI : 10.5281/zenodo.8151569,

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Author Biography

Roshni Rawat, Assistant Professor, Govt. P.G College, Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand)

Roshni Rawat is assistant professor in Govt. PG College, Uttarakashi,  Uttarakhand. India.


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